What’s next for US/UK relations following top-to-top meeting?

The British prime minister desires a Brexit-friendly commerce take care of the US. She additionally desires Donald Trump to embrace NATO and respect Islam.

For a lot of Britons, the notion of the “particular relationship” with the US was enshrined, no less than symbolically, in these footage of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher facet by facet (in friendship and beliefs), and blissfully glad in one another’s firm, on a golf cart.

Subsequent got here George W. Bush and Tony Blair of their Camp David casualwear, plotting their disastrous Iraq exploits. It could be some time earlier than Theresa Could and Donald Trump get to the golf cart stage. No casualwear will likely be being swapped when the 2 leaders meet Friday, as a result of—as Could made clear addressing congressional Republicans in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon—she doesn’t share Blair’s liberal interventionist-style of international policymaking.

On the aircraft over to the U.S., to the queasiness of many on social media, Could mused of her imminent encounter with Trump as “Opposites entice.”

Trump, identified for waxing lyrical about Scotland—his mom was Scottish—has additionally encountered vital opposition to his enterprise there. Many in Britain are disgusted that Could will meet Trump on Friday, legitimizing a president who revolts them in a lot of his phrases and deeds, together with members of Could’s personal staff, as BBC presenter Andrew Marr identified on Sunday.

Could has stated she discovered Trump’s “seize them by the pussy” remarks “unacceptable.” She informed Marr: “At any time when there’s something that I discover unacceptable, I received’t be afraid to say that to Donald Trump.”

Could, like Trump, is presently embattled. She arrived within the U.S. following the victory of businesswoman Gina Miller at Britain’s Supreme Court docket, which dominated earlier this week that Parliament needed to vote on whether or not the federal government can begin the Brexit course of.